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What are web cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to the user’s computer when it visits the web site and usually contains: the name of the server from which the cookie was sent;
cookie lifetime;
value – usually a randomly generated unique number.
The cookie itself does not contain or collect information. However, if it is read by the server along with a web browser, this can help the site provide more user-friendly services – for example, reminding you of previous purchases or user account information. Only the server that sent the cookie can read and use this cookie. On a trusted website, cookies can enrich the experience. However, cookies may also be used in ways that constitute an interference with an individual’s privacy. Cookies can be stored for a long time, only for the duration of the browsing session, or much longer.

Cookies and its purpose

PH_HPXY_CHECKA cookie is important for the site’s operation only, it is loaded every time a website is visited..1 session
_gaIt is used to distinguish users.2 years
_gidIt is used to distinguish users.24 hours
_gatIt is used for Google Analytics.1 day


Analytics shows us which content is more interesting for our visitors and in what direction we should work to make the website as attractive and attractive as possible.

Disabling cookies

Users can decide on their own whether you want to enable cookies. You can control and modify cookie settings in your web browser. Information about cookie settings (for various web browsers) is available on the links below:

Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 7 in 8

If you turn off cookies, some of the webpage options will be disabled.