Bank Financing


For managing your business effectively, it is crucial to implement strategies for cash flow optimization. Proper measures and approach would ensure a more successful business and solvency of the company.

We successfully act as a consultant to the management of the company or as an agent of the company at:

  • Negotiating with banks on the hiring of new loans,
  • Refinancing existing loans with more favourable terms,
  • Improving the terms and conditions of loan duration, repayment dynamics and interest rates,
  • Reprogramming loans from one or more banks,
  • Communicating and negotiating with a bank or several banks.

We pre-analyze the company, its business and prepare a plan for future cash flows, which is essential for determining the appropriate conditions for financing by the bank.

Concern for ensuring an adequate structure of debt and equity andregulated relationships with financial creditorsare the foundation for a successful business development.