About us


MPC Consulting is business consulting and financial advisory private institute with a wide range of professional solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides comprehensive business support services that help management and business owners develop and grow their businesses.

It brings together experts from the fields of economics, law and finance, which for many years have been dealing with the economic-financial environment, business operations and their study. It provides comprehensive services in the field of business and financial management of companies, to help and support the management and owners in the development and growth of the company. Our knowledge and experience ensure competence and integrity in the areas of our operations.


MPC Consulting is focused on raising the level of general economic awareness and encouraging entrepreneurial healthy growth. It provides business, financial, legal and other services / solutions for small and medium enterprises in individual business life cycles. We organize and manage the processes of obtaining financing sources in the form of return and / or non-refundable funds from the Slovene government or from the European Union programmes, banks and other financial institutions / investors. We conduct and participate in projects of financial and business restructuring and in the management of companies with different business challenges (including business and financial recovery / reconstruction). MPC services provide businesses with optimal business solutions for further development and growth.


  • Business and Financial Advisory
  • Business and Financial Management
  • Business and Financial Restructuring (Business Reorganization & Financial Restructuring)
  • Financing and Funding
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Sales or Acquisitions
  • Mergers and Spin-offs
  • Due Diligence
  • Legal Advisory for Business Operations
  • Financial and Legal Expert Opinions and Detailed Reports


  • “On request” – we are available when you need a professional solution or opinion, permanently prepared.
  • “In house” Financial and Legal Advisory (internal consulting) – we act as your internal consulting department, and with professional care, we autonomously watch over and deal with your financial operations and legal matters.
  • “Project guardians” (external consulting) – we take over the role of project managers or associates in business and financial and / or legal management (i.e. M&A, restructuring, etc.).
  • “Daily 24 hour support” – we provide daily professional support, when you need it, you will receive information within 24 hours.


We offer access to experienced experts in economics, finance, banking and law with many years of valuable experience in the economic and the financial sector. As experts in the fields of strategic and operational planning, obtaining financing sources, financial and business restructuring, business analyses, expertise, business valuations, accounting and taxation, external and internal audit, corporate and labour law, we act as independent consultants and experts.

With our knowledge and experience, we are a reliable partner in improving the financial and operating conditions of your company’s business.